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boy_priest's Journal

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This the Character journal of Elios (from Sailor Moon) for the rpg community moksa_u

If you want to see my 'real' journal visit see_who_iam

Character Profile
Japanese Name: Eriosu
NA Name: Elios
True Name: Priest Elios of Elysion
Other Identities: Pegasus
Birthday: Unknown
Age: Unknown, but looks around 15 <---------- (in this rpg i'm having him look to be around 24ish.)
Sign: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: White, or pale blonde
Flower: Rose
Planet: Earth
Lives: Elysion
Dream: To protect the beautiful dreams
Best Friend: Chibi-Usa
True Love: Chibi-Usa
Girls Interested: Chibi-Usa, Queen Neherina
Enemies: Dead Moon Circus
Anime First Appearance: Sailor Moon SuperS, Episode 128
Manga First Appearance: Act 34
Japanese Seiyuu: Matsuno Taiki
English Seiyuu: Unknown
Items: Horn, Golden Crystal

Quote: "I love dreams and the people who dream them."


Manga - In the manga, Elios first appears in the form of Pegasus calling help for the maiden. He again comes to Chibi-Usa through a dream and again asks her for help. Elios, surprisingly, seems to trust Chibi-Usa almost right off and tries everything in his power to comfort her and protect her. When Chibi-Usa had thought that Usagi was the maiden she ran off crying. Elios appeared in front of her comforting her and even giving her a sweet kiss. It is probably from there on that Elios starts to love her when she is young. It is said that he had loved her from the moment he saw her in a vision as a beautiful young woman. When he uses all his power to help the senshi he says that he was happy he had met the little maiden (Chibi-Usa) before dying. There are many examples of his heroism that I could write forever about, but I chose just these ones. If there was any doubt Elios is a remarkable person who was very courageous, caring, and heroic.


Horn - Although, he doesn't say anything fancy like "Golden Horn Attack!" or anything like that it's still cool that Elios can defend himself. In the anime the horn on his head is actually the Golden Crystal that his enemies are looking for. In the manga it's a sign of his curse that the evil Queen Nehellina put on him.

Jewel - The jewel on Elios's forehead is, I think (?), a sign of his priestly power. He's able to attack his enemies with this jewel and help the senshi while they're fighting. If the jewel isn't a sign of power then the only reason I can come up with is that it's a decoration to go along with his priestly robes.

Praying - This attack, if you call it that, is by far the most attack he has. He's able to call upon Elysion to ask for help so that he's able to use Elysion's power to help the senshi. Unfortunatley, in the manga by doing this it will ultimately cost him his life.


Stalion Reve - This is the communication device that Elios gives to Chibi-Usa after he starts to trust her. When he uses it he always appears in his Pegasus form. The device, along with his presence, was a secret shared between them and it was a common occurrence for him and Chibi-Usa to have talks that lasted long into the night.

Crystal Clarion - This is a crystal bell that Pegasus gave to Super Sailor Chibi Moon to use whenever she needed his help or power. Whenever Super Sailor Chibi Moon called out to him yelling "Twinkle Yell!" he would reach her using her dreams as a guide and lend her and the senshi his power. For the first couple episodes of the SuperS season by calling for Pegasus was the only way Usagi and Chibi-Usa could transform into Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon.

Golden Crystal - In the anime only does Helios use the Golden Crystal to fight off the evils of the Dead Moon Circus. Originally, in the manga, the Golden Crystal harbored inside and belonged to Mamoru.

(profile stolen from Mirrored Dreams but the maintainers a friend of mine so it's okay. :-D lol)